I use virtual machines with virt-manager and kvm-qemu. Simple question: on VirtualBox I can enable the addon for auto-resize of screen,and I like it.

I also disable copy and paste because I want separate clipboards with guest and host.

How to disable copy and paste but mantein auto-resize on kvm-virt-manager and spice? Is possible?


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I don't know how auto-resize in Virtualbox works, but I also searched for disabling clipboard sharing through Spice on my Linux system. Ivan Kozik's comment above pointed me in the right direction, but did lack some information which i had to gather and want to share:

  1. You need to have libvirt package installed to use virsh.
  2. Type in terminal: virsh edit NAME where NAME is the name of your guest. The Domain XML is opened with vim in your terminal. If you are not familiar with the commands, find yourself a cheat sheet.
  3. Under <devices> find <graphics> and inside add the line
    <clipboard copypaste='no'/>. Save and exit.
    For further information search in their docs.
  4. Restart the guest. And you will notice that the clipboard sharing is gone.

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