I have a screenshot tool that only works if I start it from the same directory where the file is in. Now I want to make a shortcut to just press print, the command is:

bash -c '~/Documents/KneckPrint | xsel --clipboard'   

Now as I said, this doesn't work if I don't execute it from the KneckPrint folder.

I've tried

bash -c 'cd ~/Documents/KneckPrint | KneckPrint | xsel --clipboard'    

But that doesn't work so I'm left clueless.

E: the bash -c '…' seems to be necessary because otherwise xsel doesn't get executed.


Julie Pelletier suggested (in comments):

bash -c 'cd ~/Documents/KneckPrint && KneckPrint | xsel --clipboard'

A shorter variant of this would be

( cd ~/Documents/KneckPrint && KneckPrint | xsel --clipboard )

This (or Julie's suggestion) could be put into a shell function:

function knecksel {
  ( cd "$HOME/Documents/KneckPrint" && KneckPrint | xsel --clipboard )

The subshell ((...)) prevents the directory from remaining changed when the xsel command finishes.

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You can create rc-file on the fly: bash --rcfile <(cd directory) -c 'command line'

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