virtualbox by default mounts shared folders as user root, group vboxsf, and 770 permissions on everything.

I would like to mount with specific options, namely

sudo mount -t vboxsf myshare /media/sf_myshare/ -o rw,uid=501,gid=20

I can manually unmount the automounted share and run the above command, but I'd like these options applied automatically. I can't find any file in /etc/ that controls the vbox share mount settings

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This looks to be controlled by the vbsvcAutoMountWorker as defined by VBoxServiceAutoMount.cpp, and the mount log indicates that the vbsvcAutoMountSharedFolder function is involved, which is called by something that manually sets the group to vboxsf. Changing this appears to require changing the code and recompiling, or to request a feature that the options be settable via a "guestproperty" or "extradata" or some other means...

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