When querying for a TXT DNS record that contains a semicolon (;) using both dig and nslookup version 9.8.3-P1, its output of the text record is in double quoted output format:

Non-authoritative answer:
host._domainkey.domain.tld  text = "v=DKIM1\;k=rsa\;p=MIGf...IDAQAB\;"

Why dig does show the ; as \; is explained at the FreeBSD mailing list in 2008.

Somewhere between 9.8 and 9.9 versions semicolons in quoted text are not escaped any longer.

I don't want to upgrading Mac OS X 10.9. Installing a package with brew as an option.

How can I unescape the double quoted output from dig and/or nslookup answers permanently without having to change my query command?

dig txt domain.example.com | sed 's/\\;/;/g

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