I use Debian Jessie on my host machine. And the same version on guest. I want to use user mode networking with qemu-kvm. I experienced no connectivity, i. e. wget www.google.com returned no connection. I am surprised, because dedian-installer can reach internet resources during installation process (i installed Debian Jessie on guest machine from netinst image).

Qemu command:

/usr/bin/kvm -monitor stdio \
             -smp 2 -cpu kvm32 -enable-kvm -m 512\
             -soundhw ac97 \
             -vga std \
             -drive file="image.qcow2",cache=writeback,aio=threads \
             -boot once=c,menu=off \
             -net nic,vlan=0 -net user,vlan=0 \
             -no-quit -name "boot"

Any ideas?

  • When you installed from netinst, did you start kvm with same parameters? – ridgy Jan 31 '17 at 19:19
  • Yes. Except boot device priority and cd-rom image. – akj Jan 31 '17 at 19:54

In fact the problem caused by ipv6-networking. Host system have no ipv6 access, so on the guest side i can not get access to ipv4 network by ipv6 protocols.

So i turned ipv6 support off by passing corresponding option to the kernel. I added to /etc/default/grub this line:


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