I have a script in a gnome-terminal shell and I would like to open a new terminal, load the bashrc configuration, execute a new script and avoid the closure of the new terminal window.

I have tried to execute this commands:

gnome-terminal -x bash

the script above open a new shell and loads bashrc, but I don't know how to execute a script automatically.

gnome-terminal -x ./new_script.sh

the script above open a new shell and execute the script but doesn't load bashrc and close the window.

The result that I would like to obtain is to feel like opening a new terminal as clicking the term icon but execute a script after the bashrc setup.

gnome-terminal -e command


xterm -e command


konsole -e command

Pretty much

terminal -e command

To make the terminal stay when the command exits:

In konsole there is a --noclose flag.

In xterm, there is a -hold flag.

In gnome-terminal, go to Edit -> Profile Preferences -> Title. Click the Command tab. Select Hold the terminal from the drop-down menu labelled When command exits. You should create a new profile for that and execute with

gnome-terminal --window-with-profile=NAMEOFTHEPROFILE -e command
  • Thanks! But I don't see the bashrc output when I run gnome-terminal -e ./new_script.sh --window-with-profile=my_profile. Have I forgotten something? – Cyr Jan 31 '17 at 11:32

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