When a fuse filesystem is mounted via the mount command, the environment variables are not passed to the fuse script. Why?


I am trying to mount hdfs (hadoop file system) via fuse.

This is easy on the command line:

# Short example version:
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=blah hadoop-fuse-dfs -onotrash  dfs://ambari:8020 /mnt/hdfsfuse
# Actual version with full path for completeness
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/hadoop/yarn/local/filecache/11/mapreduce.tar.gz/hadoop/lib/native /usr/hdp/ -onotrash  dfs://ambari:8020 /mnt/hdfsfuse

This is all and well, but if I put the definition of the FS in /etc/fstab to then use the mount command, I end up with:

fuse_dfs: error while loading shared libraries: libjvm.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Looking at the hadoop-fuse-dfs script and adding debug output, I see that LD_LIBRARY_PATH is seen as empty in this script (this is true both if I export LD_LIBRARY_PATH first or if I add it at the start of the command)


hdp 2.5, centos 7


Short of rewriting the mount script to hardcode LD_LIBRARY_PATH, how can I have environment variables in general passed via mount?


You can write your own mount fuse helper, which then calls the real fuse script. In the simple case of an fstab entry like:

dfs://ambari:8020  /mnt/hdfsfuse  fuse.mydfshelper  flag,flag,...

then your script /usr/bin/mydfshelper is called with args

dfs://ambari:8020 /mnt/hdfsfuse -o flag,flag,...

So you just need to write a one-line mydfshelper holding something like:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=blah hadoop-fuse-dfs -onotrash "$@"
  • That's a great tip and seems kinda obvious once you think about it :( . I have an easier option to only solve the LD_LIBRARY_PATH issue (see other answer), but I like that this answer is very generic.
    – Guillaume
    Feb 2 '17 at 6:34

To solve my particular problem, (LD_LIBRARY_PATH), the easiest I found is to add the content of the variable in a file under /etc/ld.so.conf.d. For instance, I created /etc/ld.so.conf.d/hdp.conf with the content:


After running once ldconfig as root, this new 'ld_library_path' is available system wide.

To answer the question about environment variables in general, the answer from @meuh is best.

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