I have a line in my .bashrc that sets a color-scheme:

eval $(dircolors colorfile) 

This works as expected, setting LS_COLORS with the right string generated from 'colorfile'.

When I use screen, the bashrc file is read again, but I lose my colors. Testing, I ran dircolors colorfile in the commandline in screen, and get

export LS_COLORS

I can work-around this pretty easily, but I'm curious what's causing dircolors to act differently in screen vs not. I thought it just blindly parsed the file and outputed the string. But it must be checking some env variable or something?

Any clues? Here's some extra info: My .screenrc is blank, I'm using gnome-terminal. Dircolors version is 8.25.

I used the which command to make sure I wasn't using two different binaries (I wasn't). I checked the value of $? after running dircolors, it was 0 in both cases.


The value of $TERM is different inside screen. Accordingly your colorfile file should probably begin with

TERM screen*
TERM xterm*

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