I have a chromium running on a raspberry pi showing some monitor stats. Sometimes, the startup fails opening the relevant tabs and hence I want to restart chromium. Yet running:

killall chromium-browser

only kills the tabs, showing me the "oh snap" information. I want the entire chromium to shutdown.

Running the same command again yields in:

killall chromium-browser 
chromium-browser: no process found

even though I see the oh snap tab.

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To exit Chromium gracefully use the following command:

pkill -o chromium

If you do not specify the "-o" ("--oldest") flag you might see the "Chromium didn't shut down correctly" pop-up next time you start Chromium. Because signal will be received by all chromium processes instead of just the main one.

Based on this answer.

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    Made my day. Thx. I don't know why it behaves better that pkill -HUP chromium which display popups for many crashing extensions when exiting chromium. I keep your solution. Jan 28, 2019 at 4:22
pkill chromium

did the trick .


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