This is a ported Ubuntu core for an arm-based computer board(Nanopi m1):

I did write it on SD card, but there is nothing to do with this. No terminal, no options!

How can I install something upon this?

Are there any other cores? Is it hard to make another Linux ported for this board?


This solution is by @PuTTY at superuser:

Connect your NanoPI board to your local network (plug Ethernet port of NanoPI to the LAN port on your router), wait at least a minute to get time NanoPi to start then use AngryIP scanner to find IP address of NanoPI. If you use unix based operation system, use terminal/console to connect to your NanoPI by issue following command:

ssh root@xx.xx.xx.xx

Where xx.xx.xx.xx is IP address you found with AngryIP scanner.

Default password for Ubuntu_Core_with_Qt-Embedded might be fa (check documentation regarding ssh password it could be changed since I tried it last time)

If computer you trying to connect from is Windows based operation system, you may use PuTTY terminal as SSH client.

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