I have a script which does ssh to all the servers and shows the output for each execution; can I redirect those outputs to /var/tmp/filename_output.txt on server1?

The script runs from server1 to all the server. These are the commands I'd like to execute to run the script and save the output:

ssh server1
./script.sh > /var/tmp/filename_output.txt

ssh server2
./script.sh >> server1:/var/tmp/filename_output.txt

ssh server3
./script.sh >> server1:/var/tmp/filename_output.txt


I have been doing some test if you run the command like this you will get local output

ssh yourserver < ./your_script.sh > your_script.stdout


From my point of view you have two options.

Option 1

After running script.sh on each server and been written the command output to /var/tmp/filename_output.txt on remote server

scp /var/tmp/filename_output.txt myserver:/prefered_location/server_name.log
rm /var/tmp/filename_output.txt

Option 2

Export a NFS from your server and importing on every server on your network, that way you can have a local FS on each of the other server pointing to the main one and your problems are solved by putting the command output on a file inside the FS pointing to the NFS.

If you need instruction on how to export a NFS and import it on client machines let me know

  • There isn't any other way to redirect the output to the remote host. – Mongrel Jan 29 '17 at 16:25
  • Checks my edit . I think that is the answer to your problem – Noel Carcases Jan 29 '17 at 16:43

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