It takes many seconds in mutt to change to a different maildir.

The following message appears as the new maildir is being read:

Reading /…/Maildir/.…... 1780/6926 (25%)

This takes ages! And is a total waste of IO, as only the bottom of the mailbox is ever examined, so, there is absolutely no need to look at each message, which, frankly, defeats the whole purpose of the maildir format, where it's actually very cheap to skip messages compared to mbox, and very expensive to load all of them.

Is there a fix?


Depending on the compile-time configuration of mutt, you may have the hcache ("header cache") feature enabled. With this feature enabled, mutt will be able cache the headers of the messages in Maildir (and IMAP) folders, greatly decreasing the time it takes to open such a folder.

To use the hcache feature, add a line in your .muttrc file:

set header_cache = "/path/to/cache_folder"

Further reading: https://dev.mutt.org/trac/wiki/MuttGuide/Caching

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