Yesterday I was using kali linux 2 and I was trying to update using apt-get update && apt-get upgrade like usual. After quite some time (I'm in a hospital with crappy wifi and it's been almost a month since I booted from my persistent kali usb so I had lots of updates to do) I had to shutdown my laptop. So, I pressed ctrl+c to 'pause' updating (I thought that if you did that kali would simply suspend everything with no problems). Today I tried booting and it gives me strange errors. When I select the persistence option the normal black and white screen kicks-in.

It says wlan0: link not ready. or something like that after a while. After some time it boots but the background is black and icons are invisible. If I open something, it crashes, if I wait more time without doing anything, it still crashes.

After crashing it resumes to the black screen with the normal text and the same wlan0: link not ready. and it lets me type, but nothing happens! Since it seems it's a problem with wlan0 I tried typing ifconfig wlan0 up. But still, nothing! How can I solve this? Any ideas? Thanks.

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  • Reinstall the packages? How? What do you mean? Can you explain please? @Fox – Tommaso Thea Cioni Jan 28 '17 at 21:17

Since Kali isn't meant to be your everyday desktop Linux and you said you are using persistence it should be sufficient to move the data in the persistence some where else and start from scratch with a new persistence overlay.

Usually it's expected of a Kali Linux user be able to post the relevant apt log hinting the problem instead of just the symptom.

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