I just found out that my mother had several virtualbox packages installed. But not virtualbox itself.

Namely, if I remember correctly, these three:


And yes, these were installed on the host.

As she never used virtualbox, I probably installed it along with these packages long ago for testing purposes. And forgot to remove these packages along with virtualbox itself.

The question is:

Could this be the cause of system freezing? Well, I am unsure, if the whole system freezes. But the screen freezes almost every day. I am not at the machine, so I don't know if she could just press Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to restart the display manager.

She told me just now, that it happens regularly, almost daily, and she just presses the power button for a few seconds. Oh my god, I say.

So far I found these "suspects" and removed them.

Could you tell me what to look for further and where?

The system is Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon 64-bit.


There were multiple issues with this computer:

  • installed guest packages on the host system; removed

  • bad SSHD disk; replaced

  • swappiness was at standard value of 60, but as this computer uses normally 6 GB of RAM and has 8 GB RAM, it was swapping like crazy; set to 1

  • kernel was causing some of the issues; upgraded

Situation is now under control.

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