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I have around 1000 files where on each of them if the first field matches a specific number , i need to print the corresponding 3rd element . Since the number 7 below, is not constant and it based upon the output of previous script , when I am trying to pass a variable , it fails .

$cat ${i} | head -14 | awk '$1 == "7" {print $3}'
$cat ${i} | head -14 | awk '$1 == "${blah}" {print $8}'

I have tried looking around with other combinations to escape/expand the variable inside the comparison , none of them seem to be able to expand the variable blah.

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    The shell variable is not being substituted because your awk scripts is inside single quotes. – glenn jackman Jan 26 '17 at 19:31

Your best bet is probably to pass it as an awk variable with -v

head -14 "$i" | awk -v blah="$blah" '$1 == blah {print $8}'

or without the head part:

awk -v blah="$blah" 'NR > 14 {exit} $1 == blah {print $8}' "$i"

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