I once saw a colleague uses a tool which allows to use ** to represent any directories. For example: if a file called myfile.java sits deep inside:


A command in the parent of src directory:

ls **/myfile.java

can list the file.

Can anyone tell me what tool it is? What package I need to use on Ubuntu to achieve this?

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    I think it is a dirty shellhack, dots always need special treatment when they are in a specific role. – vakufo Mar 12 '12 at 18:47
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    Hi. Sorry. I made a mistake. It is not ... but **. I have changed the original post. – Kevin Zhang Mar 12 '12 at 19:13

In bash ≥4.0, turn on the globstar option.

$ shopt -s globstar
$ echo pylib/**/pyerector.py
pylib/pyerector.py pylib/pyerector/pyerector.py

You can read more about it in the manpage.

In zsh, this is available out of the box.

In ksh93, activate it with set -o globstar.

In plain sh or bash ≤3.x, this is not available.

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