Having problems with this, it is not working.

too many arguments...

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  • This probably shouldn't be migrated out, but as an FYI, Kali isn't on topic at Ask Ubuntu. :P (Also, if your host machine has wifi, but you don't have a USB wifi adapter passed through to the VM, this is a VERY common occurrence of seeing this kind of output - you can't give the host wifi adapter to the VM) – Thomas Ward Jan 26 '17 at 0:48

This tells your shell to look out for all files whose names match the pattern, take those names, and pass them to cd.

cd takes 1 and only 1 argument. This means that it will receive an invalid number of arguments whenever there is not 1 and only 1 file which matches the pattern.

You're probably looking for autocomplete. Just hit the Tab key. If it doesn't autocomplete, there either are no options or more than one. In the latter case, hit the key a second time to get a list of proposals, type a few more characters until the name is unambiguous, and hit it again to complete the name.

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