The lndir command performs a shadow copy of a directory tree, but using symlinks. Files are symlinked rather than copied, while subdirectories are copied. It works fine, but I also need some kind of unlndir script that performs the opposite.

In other words, the behavior of unlndir would be:

  • If there's a symbolic link on the target tree pointing to a file in the source tree, remove the symbolic link.
  • Perform previous task recursively for all subdirectories that exist in both the source and the target tree.
  • If some subdirectory in the target tree becomes empty, remove it.

I realize this is similar to what GNU Stow does, but I am looking for a simpler shell-script based approach.

Do you know of any shell script that can do this?


Assuming GNU find(1):

find -P /some/dir -type l -xtype f -delete && find -P /some/dir -type d -empty -delete

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