I had mounted ext4 filesystem (/dev/sdg1) and accidentally did dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdg and CTRL-C after 1 second, so only 60 MB data has been transferred. /dev/sda1 has ext3 root filesystem. What I have now:

  1. Restored partition on sdg (as it was rewrited from sda)
  2. All superblocks on sdg1 are from sda1

Any ideas to restore data?

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In general this can be very hard. You can try with tools like:

PhotoRec, ForeMost

but you must be sure you have enough disk space (other than sdg1) where to store restored file.

The most clear way to do is to recreate filesystem on sdg1 and restore from backup (if you have)


To restore the data from a situation like this you will almost certainly need to dig out your backups. Unfortunately.

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