I'm developing a software which will run in a Local LAN on linux machine, and this linux machine will use a shared folder from windows.

I want the linux machine to be able to use the computer name (or machine name) of the windows machine, and not the ip address, because I want it to be configured once.

I must use the windows machine name only , not the IP.

So what's the problem? I tried to ping the windows machine from my Linux machine, but host is unknown, BUT when I ping the windows machine from a windows machine it seems to be recognized and works perfect.

just to make things clear, I am able to ping the ip address of windows machine from a linux machine.

So, the problem is the Machine name resolution.

I have digged in lots of places finding stuff to read regarding windows's NETBIOS, DHCP/dhclient,avahi, samba, but nothing seems to make the wheels rolling.


I'm using raspbian (linux for raspberry using debian) Any help would be appriciated.

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