I have a file which is separated with 3 PIPES (|||). For e.g name|||url|||date|||amount|||

I am trying to do 2 things

  1. extract specific column in another file say - amount to be separated in new file (it is 4th column in file)

  2. replace all the 3 pipes with comma, so new files looks like - name,url,date,amount,

I want to replace comma with exactly 3 pipes as my data also has single pipe characters in between.

I have tried this - awk -F '[\|]'+ '{print $4}' temp.csv > temp1.csv. But this extracts if even single pipe is there in data.

Thanks in advance Rahul

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Use [|]{3} as the field delimiter to extract a particular field from the original data:

$ awk -F '[|]{3}' '{ print $4 }' input.csv

To use a regular expression as the field separator requires GNU awk.

To replace all ||| with a comma:

$ sed 's/|||/,/g' input.csv >output.csv
  • thanks "Kusalananda" for quick reply. This solved the problem. Jan 23, 2017 at 18:39

This should do the trick for extracting the fourth field of triple-pipe-delimited data:

sed 's/|||/,/g' /path/to/input | awk -F, '{print $4}'

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