I have a few data collection machines that have been running on old PCs using CentOS 6 for a number of years. I'm trying to set them up on a Raspberry Pi running CentOS 7.

Tty1 is set to auto login the user and start the collection program. Tty5 is my backdoor into the system if I have to make changes on the shop floor.

I've gotten everything to work correctly on 7 except the auto login. It works but wants to login the user on all terminals. I did get this to work on minibian but I'm much more comfortable with CentOS.

Does anyone know how to setup auto login for a single terminal on centos 7?

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Here's a link to the directions: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Systemd

Once there search for "How do I set automatic login on a virtual console terminal"

I wanted the user to be logged in on tty1 so I just substituted tty1 for tty8. I did have to do some jockeying with the number as not to overwrite the default.

I ended up with the user autologging in to tty1 and the back door being tty5.

  • The link does not provide an answer anymore. – Zeta Feb 27 '18 at 15:15

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