How do I make Zathura copy selected text to the system clipboard?

I'm using Zathura with the poppler PDF plugin.


Add set selection-clipboard clipboard in the config file ~/.config/zathura/zathurarc or /etc/zathurarc.

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  • There are actually two clipboards. The primary clipboard is used by terminal and some applications and the other clipboard is used by most GUI applications like MS style copy/paste.
  • Zathura, by default, copies the selected contents to the Primary clipboard that can be accessed by middle mouse button.
  • This behaviour can be changed by adding
    set selection-clipboard clipboard
    in zathura's config file at /etc/config/zathurarc or ~/.config/zathura/zathurarc just as @peterh said. The selection will then be copied to the clipboard that can be accessed by Ctrl+V.
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As @peterh said in the comment on the OP's question, When you select the text region with mouse it will be copied to your clipboard automatically

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  • It seems to work sometimes, but it is absolutely not a given. Putting the mentioned line in the config file is the only way to ensure the behavior. – Atralb Jun 17 at 1:04

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