I'm unable to create a hotspot using network-manager of Gnome. By click on use as hotspot-> Turn on, nothing is happening; I don't get any pop up telling created, failed, etc. No config files regarding hotspot are being created in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connection either. I have installed almost all optional dependencies of networkmanager except for bluez and ppp. The device I'm using is TP link TL-WW722N.

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I used create_ap:

pacman -S create_ap

sudo create_ap -m bridge wifi_interface ethernet_interface test_arch vinod123

Note: You won't be able to browse internet on the host. Maybe we should use NAT rather than bridge. I haven't tried it yet to confirm anything regarading NAT.


Used NAT and I'm able to browse on the host too.

sudo create_ap -m nat wifi_interface ethernet_interface test_arch vinod123
  • Thanks, this is a really good script, works like a charm.
    – r0berts
    Commented Feb 7, 2017 at 13:08

The failure is probably due to this Gnome control-center bug:


A workaround is to set a valid pretty-hostname with command:

hostnamectl --pretty set-hostname $(hostname)

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