My laptop screen is 13" 2560x1440 and I'm connecting to a desktop monitor that is 23" 1920x1080.

I've tried using KDE and the scaling factor was nice but it could not be set for each individual monitor. So it would only look right on one monitor or the other.

Is there a different desktop environment that does this better or maybe some sort of add-on for KDE?

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    The desktop environment is not what controls the display drivers and the resolution you use. It's unclear to me what your problem is but have you tried adjusting each screen's resolution to see if it could solve your problem? – Julie Pelletier Jan 20 '17 at 20:01
  • A desktop environment won't help you there, because things like font sizes are decided by the application, not by the desktop environment. And most applications don't re-read the system DPI setting whenever their window moves. And even in applications that do, what are they supposed to do if their window spans two monitors with different DPI? – Gilles Jan 20 '17 at 23:02