ranger is a command line file manager that can be extended with python. The commands.py file contains examples of the built in commands:


I can see how to delete files via self.fm.delete() and I have explored the fm.py file and don't see a function that looks to be exposed that would allow me to copy files in a straightforward way (but I'm not a python dev so maybe I don't understand it):


I just want a function that will copy the current selection to a ~/.directory/.

I know I could do this with a key mapping, but I want to do it in python so that I can extend it, but I can't get past this one basic step.


You can have the same function by creating a mapping in your rc.conf file as follows:

map cto shell -f cp %s ~/.special_directory/

Then, you will select the files you need to copy, and press cto.

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  • Except for the part where the OP says: “I know I could do this with a key mapping, but I want to do it in python” – Jeff Schaller Sep 22 '18 at 21:23

Welp... this is what I ended up with, but I'm not sure if there is a better way:

class cpto(Command):                                   

    copies the file to a special directory                      
    def execute(self):                                               
        self.fm.execute_console("shell cp %s ~/.special_directory &")

I was able to explore the fm object more in-depth by cloning the ranger repo, cding into it, and running pydoc.ranger.core.actions

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