I have an LDAP environment for the authentication of users in my Ubuntu 14.04 LTS-based network (all clients and servers are Ubuntu 14.04 based systems). My problem is that a specific user actually needs to be added to the plugdev group for access to specific hardware that is plugged in via USB.

However, because my environment is LDAP-based auth, I cannot do the usual commands (e.g., this way).

My LDAP DB, however, is configured to add groups only starting 1000 (of which 1000--1003 are already used up). plugdev however is GID 46.

There are two ways by which I can fix this; I am looking for your input to decide which way is "safer."

(a) Change the GID value of the plugdev on the client system (e.g., in /etc/group by manually editing the file) where I expect to use the specific USB HW device, OR

(b) Change LDAP config to accept lower GIDs (in /etc/phpldapadmin/config.php in the LDAP server), and then create a group plugdev in LDAP, and set its GID to 46. Then, I have to add plugdev LDAP group to my LDAP profile.

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Well, I figured this one out. All I had to do was add, on the client machine, my username as one of the users for the group plugdev like so:


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