I recently clean installed Mint 18 KDE on a MacBook Air, and the Update Manager in the system tray has no default behavior. I would like it to open the Update Manager, but instead I have to right click it and choose Update Manager. I've been trying to find the configuration for that item in the system tray so that I can enable a default behavior, but either I haven't found the correct config file, or I was unable to determine the correct setting. Can anyone point me to the correct file and the correct setting?

Thanks in advance, syserss

  • Does anyone have any idea how to set the defaults for a KDE system tray entry? – syserss Jan 25 '17 at 2:22

The same occurs for me on Linux Mint KDE 18.2 To access the update manager I point the cursor over the shield icon, then press the touchpad with two fingers and then I can point to a dialog box that says update manager and I finally could get the task. I suppose that the same can be done pressing both buttons of the mouse. Regards: Héctor

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