How can I Get a list of all files modified , say 3 months ago. I checked this question but I was not able to apply it to my scenario. I am trying this now , it seems to be working , but I know there should be a better way using find.

ls -ltR | grep -v '2011-05' | grep -v '2011-06' | grep -v '2011-07' | grep -v '2011-08

One solution is: find -type f -mtime 90

That finds files that was last modified exactly 90 days ago.

find -type f -mtime -90 finds files that were modified in last 90 days.


As @hknik says, the -mtime operation on find is likely your best bet, but if you want to get all files around three months ago, then you need a bigger net:

find . -type f -mtime -105 -mtime +77

This will find the regular files in the month surrounding three months ago, between 11 and 15 weeks ago.


With zsh and (.m[-|+]n) glob-qualifiers:

print -rl -- *(.m90)

will list files modified exactly 90 days ago,

print -rl -- *(.m-90)

will list files modified in the last 90 days,

print -rl -- *(.m-100m+80)

will list files modified between 80 and 100 days ago.

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