I found this thread with some over-explained but interesting things.

the "linux-rt" pack doesn't exist in 10.10 this pack actually installs the realtime kernel but 10.10 doesn't have any. just try it without this part PS:i will make you a quick explanation of every part in this command line, because knowledge is power sudo - gives you a root privileges aptitude - this is a text-based package manager similar to synaptic (you can successfully change this part with 'apt-get') update - updates your software channels to current state && - and (from C program language) install - install ubuntustudio-desktop - GUI of ubuntustudio system ubuntustudio-audio - a collection of applications aimed at audio creation and editing ubuntustudio-audio-plugins - A collection of LADSPA and DSSI plugins. ubuntustudio-video - a collection of applications aimed at video creation and editing ubuntustudio-graphics - collection of applications aimed at 2D/3D creation and editing. linux-rt - a metapackge that installs you the latest complete Realtime Linux kernel available.

I installed all the packages but didn't installed the Ubuntustudio-desktop because I wanted apps not new booting screen.

I want to install all apps of Edubuntu and don't want my Ubuntu to boot like Edubuntu i.e., I don't want edubuntu-desktop but all the packages of it. So instead of installing edubuntu-desktop what are the other name of packages?

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You can add the following package bundle for your system according to your work-level! ubuntu-edu-preschool - Preschool ( ubuntu-edu-primary - Primary ( ages 6-12) educational application bundle ubuntu-edu-secondary - Secondary ( ages 13-18) educational application bundle ubuntu-edu-tertiary - Tertiary ( university level ) educational application bundle

  • You are right. Changed my answer to reflect this procedure with the 14.04 version of Edubuntu
    – user34720
    Jan 19, 2017 at 9:43

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