Can I review tasks that would be run by ansible-playbook?

ansible-playbook --check does not list all tasks. Tasks which depend on previous tasks being performed may fail, causing ansible to stop half-way through.

ansible-playbook --list-tasks does not respect --limit, or when the provided inventory omits a host. So it lists too many tasks.

$ rpm -q ansible

Another puzzle here is the apparent duplication in output of --list-tasks, which can also be seen in --list-hosts. In the example below, the only host in the inventory is alan-laptop. I don't see why the target hosts frpm the playbook are being listed twice on the first line - first with brackets, and then without.

  play #1 (all): all    TAGS: []
    pattern: [u'all']
    hosts (1):

  play #2 (alan-laptop, alan-nuc): alan-laptop, alan-nuc    TAGS: []
    pattern: [u'alan-laptop, alan-nuc']
    hosts (1):

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Once you're unhappy with --check mode, it is possible to solve the problem with --list-tasks. Follow the recommended "content organisation", and keep separate playbooks for groups of hosts which require the same tasks.

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