Using CentOS-7-x86_64-Everything-1611.iso I install it as guest vm on VirtualBox.

At first boot, the GUI isn't starting, only gives this:

enter image description here

Q: is it a bug? Or an extra setting?

Vbox version is: VirtualBox-5.1-5.1.12_112440_el6-1.x86_64 on a RHEL6 host. host HW is a T430.


interesting.. two things helped:

1) Intel VT-d was disabled in the BIOS, ENABLE it! (this solved the GUI problem for the Ubuntu guest, but not CentOS)

2) Set the audio for the vbox guest centos to "ALSA Audio Driver" with "Intel HD Audio"

I don't know how the hell audio is related to the GUI.. but this solved it..

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