Here are some of the common attributes I figured out:

top(VIRT) , smem(VSS), /proc/pid/statm (1st entry in pages), /proc/pid/status (VmSize), ps(VSZ)

top(RES) , smem(RSS), /proc/pid/statm (2nd entry in pages), /proc/pid/status (VmRSS), add all Rss: values in /proc/pid/smaps process mappings, add all Private_.* + Shared_.* values in /proc/pid/smaps process mappings, ps(RSS)

top(DATA) , not reported by smem, /proc/pid/statm (6th entry in pages), /proc/pid/status (VmData), not reported by ps

top(CODE) , not reported by smem, /proc/pid/statm (4th entry in pages), not reported by /proc/pid/status, not reported by ps

top(SHR) , not reported by smem, /proc/pid/statm (3rd entry in pages), not reported by /proc/pid/status, not reported by ps

smem(USS), add all Private_.* values in /proc/pid/smaps process mappings

smem(PSS), add all Pss: values in /proc/pid/smaps process mappings

smem(Swap), add all Swap: values in /proc/pid/smaps process mappings

top(SWAP) = top(VIRT) - top(RES)

Question: Are there any other relations (as mentioned above) present that I have missed above? Can you share?

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The programs ps, top, and smem are all getting their data from /proc. Maybe you'd enjoy looking at the source code to get the exact details. Those details have changed over the years and will probably continue to change.

The smem program is a Python script. Here is the list of fields in smem: http://selenic.com/repo/smem/file/43b299004079/smem#l271

Linux gets top and ps from package procps. Here is the list of fields in top: http://procps.cvs.sourceforge.net/viewvc/procps/procps/top.c?revision=1.134&view=markup#l1223

And here is the list of fields in ps: http://procps.cvs.sourceforge.net/viewvc/procps/procps/ps/output.c?revision=1.65&view=markup#l1286

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