I found a blog post about torghost, I am wondering if this has some potential harmful software or have some potential risk in using it.


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A soft will do what for it's designed to.

Maybe more, maybe less! But for ensuring this, you have to read sources.

So if sources are readable, this is already a good thing: You just have to read them! ... Ideally, once readed and validated, you have to compile the soft yourself, with a trusted compiler, before using the soft.

But if sources are closed, you just can't make your own opinion. You have to trust third party.

About TorGhost

Source are available at https://github.com/susmithHCK/torghost, the main part is a python script, less than 180 lines length.

This seem easy to validate (even if this post don't).


I'm the developer of TorGhost. It's 100% safe, and it doesn't contain any malicious code. Don't worry.

Here is the link to the tutorial: TorGhost – channel all traffic through tor network in kali linux.

  • Why did you not tell that TorGhost is written in Python and is available as source, so could be easily validated by security expert. May 22, 2017 at 6:37

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