When I start screen, I get a message giving the version, copyright, and bug-reporting email address. I don't want to see this every time I start screen. Searching the man page didn't seem to result in a solution, and I am hoping that the experts here know a way to bypass this info page.


There's a setting for that in screenrc:

# Don't display the copyright page
  startup_message off           # default: on

You could set that system-wide (in /etc/screenrc) or in your ~/.screenrc.

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    For future me: echo 'startup_message off' >> ~/.screenrc – saidi Jul 1 '16 at 18:43
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    Or help your brothers on the server as well: sudo bash -c "echo 'startup_message off' >> /etc/screenrc" (turns it off for all users rather than for yourself only) – Luc Jul 2 '17 at 18:49
  • @Luc That depends; your brothers and sisters might find the welcome page useful, so it might not necessarily be a great idea to edit it system-wide. "It depends". – Per Lundberg Nov 22 '18 at 13:29

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