I have SUSE 11 sp 4 for SAP Apps . (SAP HANA installed on it) mistakenly ,i did

zypper update

from OpenSuse repo , that was very big mistake.

/bin/rpm -qa --queryformat "%{DISTRIBUTION}\n" | sort | uniq (none) SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 openSUSE 11.4

and i found too much packages installed/replaced from opensuse repo

that , many apps are crashed , also x11 doesn't working .

How can i resolve this issue saftly without damage the SAP HANA Server ? and What if i selected "Repair Installed System" and Customized Repair for package database option from SLES DVD ? would it help to solve the issue ?

  • theoretically remove openSUSE repository and run zypper dup
    – mimi.vx
    Jan 16, 2017 at 19:27

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Remove openSUSE related repositories with zypper rr command and then zypper dup ( dist upgrade command which allows change of vendor and downgrade of packages)

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