I want to upload some files in a local folder to a remote folder thanks to the command line's ftp client lftp.

What I want :

In my local computer, I do have :

me@local $ tree
├── index.html
└── css/

When I go to my FTP server, I want to have :

me@ftp_server $ tree
├── index.html
└── css/

What I want to do is to upload the local content of the my-site dir to the remote dev-site dir; but not the my-site dir itself. So I just want to upload files and remove this directory prefix name.

What I tried :

I tried this :

# On my local computer :
$ ls
$ lftp -u username,passwd ftp.foobar.cmo -e "mirror -R -p my-site/ dev-site/ ; quit"

Sadly, it uploads to local my-site dir into the remote dev-site, like :

# On my remote ftp server :
$ tree
└── my-site/
    ├── index.html
    └── css/

Workaround :

It works as excpected if I do :

# On my local computer :
$ cd my-site/
$ lftp -u username,passwd ftp.foobar.cmo -e "mirror -R -p ./ dev-site/ ; quit"

But I want to avoid this dirty cd.


Is there any way to remove a directory prefix while uploading files, in order to upload the content of a directory and not the directory itself ?

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That about if you do the mirror without the last trailing slash at the destination ftp dir?

lftp -u user,password -e 'mirror -R -p /home/user/my-site dev-site ; quit' ftp.foo.cmo

Works here using lftp version 3.7.3:

adminnicolas@fw1:~$ lftp --version
LFTP | Version 3.7.3 | Copyright (c) 1996-2008 Alexander V. Lukyanov
  • Removing the trailing slash on the destination dir did the trick :) thanks @nwildner
    – PierreF
    Jan 13, 2017 at 12:10

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