I have a Linux distro in my laptop, with 3.18.17, 32-bit Kernel. Running top has listed below output,

enter image description here

I am aware a little about nice and renice of process in Linux. Looking into top, I understood there are 6 processes, which have nice value of -20. I am totally convinced why kworker, khelper and crypto have -20 nice value.

Can anyone tell me what is "kintegrityd" and why it has -20 nice value?

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According to this Quora answer it checks the integrity of block devices by writing data to them and checking that it has not changed.

This seems to be the file in which it is defined. Line 469 seems to be giving it high priority.


The kintegrityd work queue implements data integrity extensions for block I/O. All kernel work queues are -20 nice by default. This system is also known as bio-integrity, which is a much more effective search term. The author is Martin K. Petersen, from Oracle. The kernel documentation is here and the source code is here.

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