I need to pair a headset to a Linux based device over Bluetooth. Actually I want to have mic paired to the device to get raw audio from the mic. The device does not have a sound card.

I have installed:

  • Bluez 5.15
  • pulseaudio 9.0

sdptool browse local does not show HFP profile registered.

The pulsaudio wiki says:

Note: The device may be off by default. Select its audio profile (OFF, A2DP, HFP) in the "Configuration" tab of pavucontrol.

But I have no GUI.

I did Bluetooth pairing through bluetoothctl to the headset but "connect" does not work.

hcidump shows that the headset asks for "Audio Gateway service" via SDP and the device reply with empty list. After that The headset starts "connection" over.

  1. How to configure pulseaudio? I did not do anything special, just compiled and installed pulseaudio.
  2. In the pulseaudio builds directory there's no module-bluetooth-discover module. But I see the source module-bluetooth-discover.c Somewhere I read that it was recommended to load this module, but I don't have it. How to get it compiled? Or it is inside the binary?
  • So, it is turned out that I missed options "--enable-bluez5" and "--enable-bluez5-native-headset" for HSP or "--enable-bluez5-ofono-headset" for HFP (need oFono) in configuration for pulseaudio. – Hedgehog Jan 18 '17 at 15:52

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