I want to create a install media on a USB memory stick to install FreeBSB 10.3.

I've downloaded a -memstick.img release then I followed the Procedure 2.2 from the FreeBSD handbook to copy the img file to the key. The process seems OK since I get a "Done" message at the end.

But then the USB drive becomes unreadable from my Windows 7 OS. Is it normal or does it mean there's a problem with the image creation?

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Sounds about right: MS-Windows can only read FAT and NTFS file-systems, the usb will no-longer be one of those two. Unix systems do not use these as there main file-system (only for auxiliary data disks, to be compatible with MS-Windows), as they do not support all of the features that Unix needs.

Therefore this is not a sight that it will not work, but a bit of a sign that it will.


You must have 2 USB stick: In first USB copy DVD1.iso file and in second USB copy memstick.img file. "But then the USB drive becomes unreadable from my Windows 7 OS" - You can fix the flash drive by formatting the USB flash drive in Linux or another operating system except windows operating system ! I hope I helped you! (^_^)

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