I'm new to Linux world and still learning on How to Build personal Linux Distro. And before I can create one, I would like to get as many computers that I can have and install Linux on it. But I need one package for all. A distro that came well with all "Daily Softwares"; Office, Designs software, Chess or puzzle or any game to play with two kids, a full video codec, and run on minimum hardware (Intel Pentium 4 3ghz, 2gb of ram, 60gb IDE/SATA). I don't bother with all the fancy looks on dekstop if it can came in one package that similar to KDE (kubuntu) but lightweight.

THE KEY IS, There is no need any second or third software to download (except the update and upgrade) so I don't involve to any other license (non-free).

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Debian is composed entirely of free software, is well-supported by updates and has a large selection of packages in its default repositories. Debian comes with over 43,000 packages, precompiled software bundled up in a nice format for easy installation on your machine. A Pentium 4, 1GHz system is the minimum recommended for a desktop system.

Many other popular Linux distributions are based on Debian including Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Raspbian.

Recommended Minimum System Requirements

Install Type    RAM (minimum)   RAM (recommended)   Hard Drive
No desktop      128 megabytes   512 megabytes        2 gigabytes
With Desktop    256 megabytes   1 gigabyte          10 gigabytes

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