I edit in visudo the following , in order to enable user to remove any folder or file under /var/log/http/ include sun folder

 UserT ALL=(root) NOPASSWD: sudoedit /var/log/http/*

user can remove file or folder under /var/log/http/*

but not sub folders/files unde /var/log/http/ , as /var/log/http/hT/*

I also edit the visudo with

UserT ALL=(root) NOPASSWD: /bin/rm -r /var/log/http/hT/*

and I do

sudo rm -r /var/log/http/hT/GG/file.txt

[sudo] password for UserT:
Sorry, user UserT is not allowed to execute '/bin/rm -r file' as root on 

what need to fix here in order to remove also the sub folders/files under /var/log/http/../../../../


This is possible by changing the user permission for /var/log/http/hT directory.

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