My employers currently use a Windows IIS Database server which I am trying to change to Linux.

But I need to convince them.

There is a requirement to automate a process of backing-up the database and sending the generated CSV to a remote server. Can anyone tell me if the process described above is easier to accomplish on Windows or Linux?

Also, is there a Linux based database system which can handle large volumes of data like Windows SQL SERVER ?

  • I prefer Linux to Windows, but for this requirement it makes absolutely no difference. I don't even have to know which operating system the database is running on. A good database system will abstract that away. – emory Jun 26 '12 at 23:55

Automation of backup: the easiness of the solution depends on which system do you know better. Basically it is not that much of a difference between writing a batch file and putting in windows task manager or writing a bash script and putting it in cron.

SQL Server: MySQL (maybe with clustering) or Oracle (commercial) should do it.

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