I was using the following copy command to take backup of my datastore

cp -pr $src $dest

Which gives me the following warning while using with NFS and returns an error code but the files are actually getting copied.

cp: preserving times for ‘$src/file1’: Invalid argument

Is there any alternative method to do this? I want to get rid of the warnings and wrong return code. I do not care about preserving time stamps, but other attributes such as mode and ownership should be preserved.

  • You could use tar instead and have it preserve the permissions etc. of the source files in the archive. – Kusalananda Jan 10 '17 at 10:10

The man page for cp shows that there are options available to control which attributes are included.

-p same as --preserve=mode,ownership,timestamps

--preserve[=ATTR_LIST] preserve the specified attributes (default: mode,ownership,timestamps), if possible additional attributes: context, links, xattr, all

It follows, therefore, that you could follow -p with something like --no-preserve=timestamps.

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