Recently I bought this disk and I cannot get rid of funny clicking -- funny because normally not configured disk make dry click.

This one make click like a sweet chirp. But besides this, this click occurs every several seconds, and it is annoying.

I tried as usual: hdparm -B 254 but it changed nothing.

So does anyone know how to disable that clicking?


This is a known issue and the fix is here:


  • Thank you. For other readers -- basically it is (finally) newer firmware. However setup is only for Mac or Windows, not Linux. – greenoldman Apr 21 '13 at 8:15

A hard drive should not produce any clicking sounds. Especially because you describe the sounds as funny I assume that the sounds are unusual and therefore the drive is not operating correctly. Your data might be in danger.

I would immediately back up the data and send it back for warranty (you can wipe it before if your data is confidential).

  • No, this is pretty normal, unfortunately. Every disk I bought recently required this tweak with disabling parking heads. The only difference is, the pitch now is different, and I cannot disable it (the second is most important). But since this is my first 3TB disk, with 3 platters, I assume that such side effect as pitch could differ after all. – greenoldman Mar 6 '12 at 22:13

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