I have a function that creates a new markdown file, but I was wondering how can I simplify this?

  today=$(date +"%F")

I figured I could combine the title/clean_title into one, but when I try something like ${1:l... or ${$1:l... I get console error about bad substitution. Is this possible?


Nest the ${...} bits, though do also consider how readable the code will be for future readers.

() { clean_title=${${1:l}//[^a-zA-Z0-9]/-}; printf "$clean_title" } " BLA "

Also the A-Z match probably doesn't make much sense given the earlier lowercase...


In zsh, you can nest parameter expansion operators. You can also get the date with the prompt expansion of %D{%F} (zsh also has a strftime builtin in the zsh/datetime module if you want some more verbose and readable code).


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