This may be tangential to gmail usage; I registered a domain with gandi.net and want to access that e-mail with IMAP.

While I can edit this directly from .pinerc I cannot find this setting through M S C to see the configuration file in alpine:

# List of directories where saved-message folders may be. First one is
# the default for Saves. Example: Main {host1}mail/[], Desktop mail\[]
# Syntax: optnl-label {optnl-imap-hostname}optnl-directory-path[]
        remote {mail.gandi.net:993/ssl/user=foo@example.com}[]

From this setting, folder-collections, I can view every folder except the "INBOX" which shows as empty in the remote list. There's the apparent inconsistency that the inbox is configured through:

# Path of (local or remote) INBOX, e.g. ={mail.somewhere.edu}inbox
# Normal Unix default is the local INBOX (usually /var/spool/mail/$USER).

yet I can only view the inbox and not other folders through this configuration. I cannot easily save messages from the inbox-path to a folder in the remote collection.

How can I combine both of these settings so that all gandi.net folders are in a single list or collection, including the inbox-path? This would make it easier to move messages between folders.

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