I knew how to set up a command in $PATH, but I need someone refresh my mind. In fact, I have the '.sh' script /home/jeremie/Downloads/pycharm-community-2016.3.2/bin/pycharm.sh that I want to put in $PATH. My purpose is to be able to use pycharm as a command. I figure out that the first step is export PATH = $PATH:Downloads/pycharm-community-2016.3.2/bin/pycharm.sh, but It is unclear.

How to convert /home/jeremie/Downloads/pycharm-community-2016.3.2/bin/pycharm.sh to obtain the pycharm command?


The PATH is a list of colon (:) separated directories where the shell will search to find the file you're calling. Therefore you would need to add /home/jeremie/Downloads/pycharm-community-2016.3.2/bin to it and not include the file itself.

If you want to change the name from pycharm.sh to pycharm, you would either rename or copy it, or preferably make a symbolic link to it such as:

ln -s /home/jeremie/Downloads/pycharm-community-2016.3.2/bin/pycharm.sh /home/jeremie/Downloads/pycharm-community-2016.3.2/bin/pycharm

Note that your expression export PATH = $PATH:Downloads/pycharm-community-2016.3.2/bin/pycharm.sh will fail because of extra spaces surrounding the equal sign (=). Properly corrected, it should be:

export PATH=$PATH:/home/jeremie/Downloads/pycharm-community-2016.3.2/bin

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