I'm using anaconda to manage virtual environments on my Ubuntu 15.10 machine.

For some reason, I'm not able to use the Guake terminal anymore:

anaconda3/bin/python2: No module named guake

(Default environment). It used to work until now. I suspect that there is an issue with some paths.


I found this. However, I don't know how I can install the packages within the anaconda environment.

I tried reinstalling guake from the repository as well as compiling the source. The latter gives the following error:

configure: error: cannot import Python module "vte".
Please check if you have python-vte installed. The error was:
No module named vte

I suspect it is installed in the wrong folder. The script should install all dependencies (according to the describtion on the guake github page) but I guess it does so in the wrong location.

Does anyone know how I can cleanly install packages within the anaconda environment without using conda install .. Is this a good idea at all? Or can I update some path variables? I'm a bit lost. (Furthermore, if someone knows alternative drop-down terminals I would be glad to know)


My Ubuntu is 16.10.(I haven't used Ubuntu for a month.) I had same problem.

Now by just running guake-indicator, it goes well.

(I can't use "guake" command on terminal nor "guake-indicator" yet, but it is not a problem if you just want to use guake. )

Of course,I add guake-indicator to startup applications.

You should try it.

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