i am using a script to create a random password for a user.
The file looks like


Passwords are openssl passwd hashed. I have an own file where the password is written in cleartext.
No i want to send an E-Mail to the users with the new password.
I have a file (maillist.txt) with


Now i want to generate an E-Mail to user1.
This should generate an E-Mail to mail@domain1.tld, containing the username (user1) and the password (password1). I want to do it with mailx.
Can you please help me?

Manu Old post


Try the following:

join -t: cleartext.txt maillist.txt | awk -F: '{ print "echo Username: "$1" Passwd: "$2" | mailx -s Information "$3 }' |sh

If multi lines are required in the email body, refer below

join -t: cleartext.txt maillist.txt | while read line
  echo $line
  USER=$(echo $line | awk -F: '{ print $1 }')
  PSWD=$(echo $line | awk -F: '{ print $2 }')
  EMAILID=$(echo $line | awk -F: '{ print $3 }')
  echo "Hello $(echo $USER | tr a-z A-Z), your password has been changed!!!<br>" >tmp.txt
  echo "<b>Username</b>: $USER<br>" >>tmp.txt
  echo "<b>Password</b>: $PSWD<br>" >> tmp.txt
  cat tmp.txt | mailx -s "$(echo -e 'Password Changed!!!\nContent-Type: text/html')" $EMAILID

  • Is it possible to add something to the text? Something like "Hello your password has been changed" and something after the text? If i do { print "echo Blablabla \n test Username: ...} i get an unexpected error? – Manu_H Jan 6 '17 at 20:10
  • Updated the answer for multi lines in email body. – sureshraju Jan 6 '17 at 21:19

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